Lucky Buck

Lucky Buck Mineral is manufactured by MAR-VO MINERAL CO., INC., the same company that has been producing livestock minerals for the past 85 years. Lucky Buck Mineral supplements the deer population’s diet with minerals that not only make them healthier, but also help develop bigger, better racks! The most critical thing to consider in wild animals is that you can’t MAKE them eat anything…they have to WANT to eat it. Lucky Buck Mineral is developed with just the right ratios of minerals that deer love, mixed with an ingredient that will limit the amount they want to eat (unlike competitor’s attractant mixes that have grain or molasses by-products that cause deer to overeat).

Lucky Buck Minerals

For best results, Lucky Buck Mineral should be used year-round. It is easy to use—just dump it on a stump, log or even on the ground. Stock up to avoid running out. Usage will be greatest in the spring… they should have all they want while their racks are growing. Please remember to follow local laws and regulations for baiting and feeding deer.